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  • Fab 5, formed in 1970, is Jamaica's pre eminent popular band, whether measured by record sales at home, hits on the charts, frequency of engagements or major awards won over the years.
  • In their early years such songs as "Chirpy Cheep", "Shaving Cream", "Oh, Dad" and "Love Me For A Reason", and their musicality and showmanship made Fab 5 the rage on the dance and show circuits.
  • Fab 5 have enjoyed an endless succession of hits in Jamaica and the "ethnic" markets of North America.
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A Jamaican Christmas Gift



        1. Christmas Breeze A Blow 4:38 (A. Grub Cooper/Alvin Campbell)
        2. Di Savior Come 5:09 mins. (A. Grub Cooper)
        3. Mary's Boy Child 4:06 mins. (Jester Hairson)
        4. The Christmas Story 3:49 mins. (Henry Robinson)
        5. Irie Christmas 4:19 mins. (Melvin H Torme/Robert Wells) adapted Jean Wilson
        6. It's Christmas 4:03 mins. (Glenroy Samuels)
        7. Some Day At Christmas 4:10 mins. (Bryan Wells)
        8. He Is Christmas 5:07 mins. (Glenroy Samuels)
        9. Christmas Time 4:00 mins. (A. Grub Cooper)
        10. When a Child is Born 3:45 mins. (Fred Jacobson/Zacar)
        11. I've Waited For You 5:37 mins. (Sidney Thorpe)
        12. Niceness 5:00 mins. (Glenroy Samuels)
        13. Just In Time 3:28 mins. (Cleveland Manderson)
        14. Christmas Greetings 6:42 mins. (A. Grub Cooper)

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