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  • Fab 5, formed in 1970, is Jamaica's pre eminent popular band, whether measured by record sales at home, hits on the charts, frequency of engagements or major awards won over the years.
  • In their early years such songs as "Chirpy Cheep", "Shaving Cream", "Oh, Dad" and "Love Me For A Reason", and their musicality and showmanship made Fab 5 the rage on the dance and show circuits.
  • Fab 5 have enjoyed an endless succession of hits in Jamaica and the "ethnic" markets of North America.
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      1. 01.Dugu-Dugu
      2. 02.World Party
      3. 03.Once In A Life Time
      4. 04.Wanna Get Your Loving
      5. 05.Yardie
      6. 06.Sweet Words
      7. 06.Sweet Words
      8. 07.A You Mi Love
      9. 08.Sign Me Up
      10. 09.You Are The One
      11. 10.It's Summer
      12. 11.Rock Me Slowly
      13. 12.Two Note Melody
      14. 13.Believe In Yourself

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